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By David Arthur deSilva

This statement examines four Maccabees as a contribution to the continuing reformulation of Jewish identification and perform within the Greek-speaking Diaspora. It analyzes the Jewish author’s interplay with, and facility in, Greek rhetorical conventions, moral philosophy, and literary tradition, giving realization additionally to his use and interpretation of texts and traditions from the Jewish Scriptures and different Hellenistic Jewish writings. The statement shows the author’s skillful weaving jointly of these kinds of assets to create a textual content that translates the Torah-observant lifestyles because the fullest embodiment of the simplest Greek moral beliefs. a particular characteristic is the exam of ways the adventure of interpreting four Maccabees in Codex Sinaiticus differs from the adventure of examining the eclectic textual content.

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Iησoῦv, Heb 12:1–2), just as the martyrs had endured by looking away to God (εἰς θεòv ἀφoρῶvτες . . ὑπoμείvαvτες, 4 Macc 17:10). The example of Jesus, “who endured a cross, despising shame” (ὑπέμειvεv σταύρov αἰσχύvης καταφρovήσας, Heb 12:2), parallels Eleazar’s bold stance as he “endured the pains and scorned the compulsions” (ὑπέμεvε τoὺς πόvoυς καὶ περιεφρόvει τῆς ἀvάγκης, 4 Macc 6:9). ” Both texts promote “unwavering” commitment in this regard (ἀκλιvή, 4 Macc 17:3; Heb 10:23). And, of course, the benedictions in Heb 13:21 and 4 Macc 18:24 are almost identical (Staples 1966:221), though this last parallel is the least impressive since it could easily arise from independent development of a common liturgical formula.

Eccl. 46). The fact that Blandina is able to take more abuse than her torturers can dish out, the latter giving up exhausted at the end of the day (Eusebius, Hist. eccl. 18), is also reminiscent of the torturers “wearing themselves out” scourging the first brother in 4 Macc 9:12. INTRODUCTION xxxvii The example of the mother in 4 Maccabees appears to have left its stamp upon the portrayal of several female martyrs. 3–4 (Hilhorst 2000:115), the mother of these two martyrs is praised as a “daughter of Abraham” and is addressed in apostrophe: “O mother, dutiful in regard to piety!

For I think this to be so. (34) For this very reason, though desiring seafood and birds and quadrupeds and all kinds of foods forbidden to us on account of the Law, we abstain on account of the mastery of reason. (35) For the passions of the cravings are endured patiently, being restrained by the self-controlled mind, and all the stirrings of the body are silenced by reason. (Chapter 2:1) And why is it extraordinary if the cravings of the soul toward joining with beauty are disregarded? (2) For this the temperate Joseph is celebrated, because by means of the mind he controlled the experience of pleasure.

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