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This ebook is stuffed with transparent notes and exam-style perform questions masking each A2 Physics subject for the Edexcel assessments. the total thing’s designed to make revision easy - every thing you must understand is defined easily and punctiliously, helped by way of full-colour diagrams. It encompasses a part on How technological know-how Works and many examination assistance. There’s additionally a sprinkling of jokes to lighten the temper. It’s precisely what you want to organize on your checks!

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Weird, huh. You’d kinda think there wouldn’t be a minimum, but there is. Pressure and Volume are Proportional to Temperature The relationships between the temperature, pressure and volume of a gas were worked out separately through careful experimentation. Each relationship applies to a fixed mass of gas. An ideal gas obeys the relationships exactly. An ideal gas is a good approximation for a real gas at low pressure and fairly high temperature. At constant pressure, the volume V of a gas is directly proportional to its absolute temperature T.

Its unit is s–1. activity = decay constant × number of atoms Activity is measured in becquerels (Bq): Don't get λ confused with wavelength. A = λN Or in symbols: 1 Bq = 1 decay per second (s–1) You Need to Learn the Definition of Half-Life The half-life (T ½) of an isotope is the average time it takes for the number of undecayed atoms to halve. Measuring the number of undecayed atoms isn’t the easiest job in the world. In practice, half-life isn’t measured by counting atoms, but by measuring the time it takes the activity to halve.

78 × 10 kg 29 Antiparticles Each Particle-Antiparticle Pair is Produced from a Single Photon Pair production only happens if one gamma ray photon has enough energy to produce that much mass. It also tends to happen near a nucleus, which helps conserve momentum. You usually get electron-positron pairs produced (rather than any other pair) — because they have a relatively low mass. Example e– γ e + The particle tracks are curved because there’s usually a magnetic field present in part icle physics experiments (see p.

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