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By Daniel Smith-Christopher

The Christian church keeps to hunt moral and non secular versions from the interval of Israel's monarchy and has shunned the gravity of the Babylonian exile. in contrast culture, the writer argues that the interval of concentration for the canonical building of biblical proposal is strictly the exile. the following the voices of dissent arose and articulated phrases of fact within the context of failed strength.

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The largely Marxistinformed political categories of debates within Latin American liberation theology also presumed national independence as the "just" goal of "exodus-like" struggles of the poor. But nationalism has a tendency to then dictate the terms and the strategies of defining identity and political agendas. Nationalism has also had the tendency to define the "disenfranchised," as well as how global inequities are to be corrected. Finally, the paradigms of nationalism (especially notable in Fanon) too often served to justify brutal violence as the "only response" to brutal violence.

38 A careful examination of this correspondence, however, reveals an ambiguity precisely on the issue of the attitude of the Jewish community toward the Achaeminid emperors. When one considers these documents as expressions of foreign prerogative over Jewish destiny, in short, as symbols of dominance, then an entirely different light is shed on their assessment. 39 But how can letters of permission, for which one would presumably be very grateful, be symbols of dominance? One need only remind oneself of the ever-present requirement to carry "papers" in authoritarian regimes— and the resentment of the ubiquitous demand to produce them.

But are these debates about "identities" and "critical methodologies" really intended to contribute to some tangible agenda for "social justice"? If so, what are the terms of this tangible benefit? Typically, the assumed categories for social progress (or "liberation") had been thought to be the benefits of existing as a nation-state. "Justice" is thus associated with national independence, especially when the discussion is located in the context of postcolonialism. For example, "justice" in Frantz Fanons terms, in such postcolonialist classics as The Wretched of the Earth,37 clearly meant independent national existence—apart from colonizing powers.

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