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By Ernest Klein

A transparent and concise paintings at the origins of the Hebrew phrases and their feel improvement. all of the c. 32,000 entries is first given in its Hebrew shape, then translated into English and analysed etymologically, utilizing Latin transcription for all non-Latin scripts. An critical resource of biblical, Jewish, sleek Hebrew and close to japanese experiences.

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De an t-ainm with v irreg bi & prep air, what's the boy -ed? ; 4 misc IIses with cuir vt, they -ed off the strike chuir iad stad m air an staik f, chuir iad dheth an staik, - into question cuir teagamh m (with prep an), he -ed my competence into question chuir e teagamh na mo chomas m, (telephone) I'll - them tomorrow cuiridh mi fbn I1If thuca a-maireach, - to mind cuir na (&c) c(h)uirnhne f, 51 call ENGLISH-GAELIC DICTIONARY Canadian it -ed to mind the days of my youth ehuir e nam chuirnhne laithean mpl m' bige f gel!

Calling" 1 (sllOuti"g &c) gairm f, eigheaehd f invar; 2 (visiti"g) tadhal m (with prep air); 3 (vocatio,,) gairm f calm adj duin, a - morning madainn chiuin calm" 1 (esp of temperame"t, atmosphere) ciUineas m; 2 (esp of weather) feath mf calm v ciuinieh vti, taJaidh vti, - down ciuinieh vti, socraieh vti calmness 11 see calm" 1 calumny n 1 (the action) cUl-ehaineadh m; 2 (the words spoken) cUIehainntf cameln camhalm camera" 1 camara m; 2 (meetings &c) ill expr (hold) in - (cUm vt) ann an diomhaireaehd f i"var camouflage n breug-riochd m camp n campa "" ill expr - site ionad ", campachaidh m camp v carnpaich vi camping n campaehadh m, -ing ground ionad m campaehaidh gell campaign n (in aid ofsomethillg, to achieve something, also military) iomam f, election - iomairt-taghaidh f campaign v (for cause, pal &c) dean iomairt f campaigner n neaeh-iomairt (pI luchd-iomairt m sillg call) campaigning n iomairt f Campbell adj Cairnbeulaeh, a - guy/fellow/man gave me it thug fear Caimbeulaeh dhomh e Campbell " Caimbeulaeh m camping n campaehadh m can n 1 (for drinks, food &c) cana m, canastair m; 2 in expr watering - peilefrasaidh m can v 1 (be permitted or allowed to) faod vi def, - we go?

Existence thoir gu / am bith I invar, - into the open, - to light thoir am follais I invar; 2 (olher phys & lit llses) - solace/comfort furtaich vi (to air), we will - you solace furlaichidh sinn oirbh, - together cruinnich VI, - up (food) tilg VI, cuir vI a-mach, she brought up her dinner thilg i/ chuir i a-mach a dinnear f; 3 (other fig IIses), - a complaint dean casaid I (against air), - out (books &c) foillsich vt, cuir (Ieabhar m &c) an c10 m, - up (chi/dren, liveslock &c) log vI, I was brought up in Coli thogadh mi ann an Colla bristle n (esp on body 01 animals) frioghan m, calg m broad adj farsaing, leathann broadcast n craoladh m, craobh-sgaoileadh m broadcast V craoil VIi, craobh-sgaoil vIi broadcaster m craoladair m broadcasting n craoladh m, craobh-sgaoileadh m broaden v leudaich vti broadened adj leudaichte broadlyadv, in erpr - (speaking) san/anns an fharsaingeachd I invar broadsword n c1aidheamh m leathann brochure n leabhrachan m, leabhran m broke adj gun sgillinn f ruadh, I'm flat - chan eil sgillinn ruadh (no geal) agam broken adj & pasl part briste bronze n umha m invnr, the - Age Linn ml an Umha 47 broth ENGLISH-GAELIC DICfIONARY bum broth 11 brot m, (trod) eanraich f brow 11 mala f, bathais f, clar m an aodainn, maoil f brown adj donn, dark - dubh-dhonn brown-haired adj donn bubble 11 gucagf, builgean m bucket n 1 bucaid f, peile m, (more trod) cuinneag J; 2 (esp for milkillg) cuman m bucket v, ill expr (of weather) it was -ing down bha dUe bhilthte ann bud n gucagf budget n buidseat m buffoon n burnalair m, baothair m buffoonery n bumalaireachd f illvar, baothaireachd f illvar bugger n 1 (mild swear) bugair m, the -s!

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