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By R. M. W. Dixon

The folks who stay within the Boumaa zone of the Fijian island of Taveuni converse a dialect of Fijian that's at the same time intelligible with normal Fijian, the 2 differing as a lot probably as do the yankee and British forms of English. in the course of 1985, R. M. W. Dixon—one of the main insightful of linguists engaged in descriptive stories today—lived within the village of Waitabu and studied the language spoken there. He present in Boumaa Fijian a wealth of extraordinary good points unknown in regularly studied languages and at the foundation of his fieldwork ready this grammar.Fijian is an agglutinating language, one within which phrases are shaped by way of the profligate combining of morphemes. There aren't any case inflections, and annoying and point as proven through self sufficient clitics or phrases inside of a predicate advanced. such a lot verbs are available in either transitive and intransitive varieties, and nouns should be increase frequently from verbal elements and verbs from nouns. The language can also be marked through a hugely constructed pronoun method and by means of a vocabulary wealthy in components of social significance.In the outlet chapters, Dixon describes the Islands' political, social, and linguistic association, outlines the details of Fijian phonology, and offers an outline of the grammar. In succeeding chapters, he examines a couple of grammatical issues in better aspect, together with clause and word constitution, verbal syntax, deictics, and anaphora. the amount additionally features a complete vocabulary of all kinds handled in dialogue and 3 of the fifteen texts recorded from monolingual village elders on which the grammar relies.

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PAR] brothers disappeared? - He says. 22. - Elarnan Bai (rich) had many livestock and horses. The pastures were not enough, alar ofol diak-ta ditir-tip diylky-sy menen diogol-up ket-is-ken. PER][horse-PPS 3)[POST: with][to disappear- so he drove his horses away sending his nine sons to the mountains. PAR] disappeared. 23. Tosttik a/ soz-dii uk-kan-dan kijin tij-ti-no kel-e-t. T6sht0k having heard this word comes home. He took the rifle made by his father's master Kara (Black). He mounted his nine-yard long horse Ak-Bakai and left to search for his 60 61 brothers.

The knee-bones that he shoots scatter around. He 19. Eleman baj-dyn mal-diylky-sy kop bol-gon. wins all the eight sack of knee-bones ofthe eight balds. PAR] eight (sack of) knee-bones. Jeke Taz says: 20. diajyt diet-is-pe-gen-dik-ten diylky-sy-n ajda-t-yp, - You are the son of a rich (man). PAR-ABL)[horse-PPS 3-ACC][to drive-ACC­ for? You would better find your nine brothers. We are poor; give us our white main bone. PER] He says. Toshtiik: 21. toguz ba/a-sy-n too-go diiber-gen. - If it is true what you say, I will give my own knee-bones as well.

G. 5. -Ala, Ciikb ber, ojno-j-m. g. ajtyp diiirbOsiin he should not say that ajtuueu bolbo do not say that de-di. IM-PS l][to say-PAST] 6. Ata-�y bir kap Ciikb ber-di. [father-PPS 3][one][sack][sheep's knee-bone][give-PAST] 7. ojun baSta-1-yp ordo-go kir-di. g. PER][playground-GEN][enter-PAST] bolo berbejt it will not happen always, it might not happen 8. lor-ii . diajna-p kal-dy. g. st>ziin tiiSiiniip bolbodu 9. segiz taz-dyn segiz kap CiikO-sii-n biit ut-up al-dy. 4. g. PER][AUX:to take­ PAST) 59 10.

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