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We have tried, as much as possible, to provide sources of grammaticalization for each grammatical category. We do this not only because of historical interest but also because an understanding of the sources of grammatical constructions may explain their contemporary form and some of their properties. 4. Discourse structure It has been claimed (DuBois 1985 and his other writings) that clauses with two full noun phrases are extremely rare in natural discourse. Although we did not conduct a systematic study of discourse, the sample of texts included in the present grammar does not bear out this generalization.

9. Glide metathesis Two types of metathesis have been observed. In one the labial glide moves from word-final position to penultimate position. The following variants of the word for 'chicken, hen, rooster' have all been obtained in isolation: ghätäläkw, ghätäläuk, ghätalok. We take the first form to be the underlying one, since there are other words ending in kw. The second form is an instance of segment metathesis, whereby the labial glide is moved to the position before the last consonant. The third variant represents the fusion of the vowel a with the labial glide or the high back vowel after metathesis.

3. Vowel rounding The high vowel becomes round when followed by the round glide within the same morpheme or across a morpheme boundary within the same phrase. The following rule accounts for this process: Rule 8: V[+high] -^ [+round] / w. It is not possible to determine whether the vowel that becomes round is underlyingly front or schwa. Given the fact that the final non-grammatical vowels are deleted in phrase-internal position (cf. 7 below), and that schwa is inserted for syllabification, the examples below may represent equally well the rounding of the front high or central high vowel: (48) xadu wä lack water NBG 'there is no water* -> [xäcfimuwä] (49) xäni wä -> [xänuwä] sleep NBG 'he does not sleep' 5.

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