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Livy, Ill. 15 A of the senate was then passed, that the decemvirs should without delay resign their office; that Quintus Furius, chief pontiff, should hold an election of plebeian tribunes, and that the RESOLUTION SECOND SECESSION OF PLEBS 35 secession of the soldiers and commons should not be visited on anyone. These decrees being passed and the senate dismissed, the decemvirs came forward in the assembly and resigned their office to the great joy of all. News of this was carried to the commons.

Trates, it is usually observed that the word oves, sheep, is used in the masculine gender. So Marcus V arro has mentioned the legal terms by which the smallest fine was imposed. " Unless this form was observed, the fine was not deemed legal. I 7. ) One of the principal grievances of the plebeians was that the law was customary and known only to the patricians, who as magistrates used their exclusive knowledge to oppress the common people. c. to codify the law. They were given absolute powers, appeal from their judgments being abolished (see No.

Moreover, as Livy remarks, the Fathers (the few surviving members of the old patrician nobility in the senate) had still to confirm the assembly's vote ( cf. Nos. 2, 2 5-26); but this was a pure formality, the confirmation being given before the vote was taken. 1. Livy, I. 5-9 THE HUNDRED Fat hers divided the government among them, ten groups of ten being formed, and one selected from each group, who was to have the chief direction of affairs. Ten governed; one only was attended with the insignia of authority and the lictors: their power was limited to the space of five days, and it passed through all in rotation, and the interval between a kingly government lasted a year: it was called an interregnum, a term which THE KINGS survives even now.

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