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This ebook offers an outline of the advancements and recommendations inside this zone, overlaying the manufacture of many differing types of carpet. It starts off by means of discussing the differing kinds and requisites of carpets, besides the constitution and homes of the carpet fibers and yarns which are used. The ebook then explores fresh advancements within the manufacture of carpets. subject matters contain the advances in carpet weaving and the relief of static in carpets. The booklet additionally examines a range of carpet forms, together with wool carpets, cloth activities surfaces and home made carpets. Review.a nice source to these within the carpet industry., foreign fabric and clothing organization in regards to the AuthorIndian Institute of Carpet expertise, India [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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Key words: carpet-weaving machine, face-to-face weaving technique, Axminster weaving, Wilton and loop pile weaving, Van de Wiele. 1 Introduction For a long time, high production output and high speed were the most important factors in the new developments for the carpet weaving industry. Recently, a new aspect has become important as well: flexibility or versatility. Carpet weavers want to weave different styles and change quickly from one quality to another. Flexibility is as important as productivity.

4 BCF nylon The BCF nylon yarns used in the carpet industry are generally produced in 650 to 5400 dtex while the filament decitex varies in the range of 11 to 30. Generally the coarser ones are used in the loop pile carpets while the finer ones in the cut pile products. Also a major difference between the cut pile and loop pile yarn is in their twist direction of the cabled yarns, loop pile tufting machines require S twist while the cut pile machines require Z twist. Wide ranges of product variation at various production stages are possible while manufacturing nylons.

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