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Single layer lattice dome structures for the purposes of this paper had analyzed, when the member buckling appeared on the single layer lattice dome structures the radial of the second and third ring road, the stability of the structure bearing capacity fell the most, when the member buckling appeared on the first and the forth ring, stable bearing capacity decline than the former, and close to the edge of the reticulated single layer lattice dome structures buckling of radial member minimum impact on the overall stability of the structure bearing capacity.

K8 single layer lattice dome structure type arrangement is shown in figure 1, span reticulated shell is 36 m, with 12 m rise. Member section usesφ114×5(mm×mm) steel pipe. Based on the analysis, will use the structure analysis software ANSYS, single layer lattice dome structure used in member and considering elastic-plastic Beam188 elements, the unit is based on Timoshenko beam element theory, considering ① the influence of shear deformation, a beam 1 element for two nodes, in nonlinear analysis ② 2 considering large deformation and large strain ③ effect.

Concrete in tensile no longer bear the force, the increment tensile axial force bear by the steel in tensile zone. Then the formulas changes into (21)and(22). Esε t As = N t . is: The solution G - G 2 − 4 DH εc = . 2D . εt = (G - G 2 − 4 DH )l1 . 2 Dl2 . Nc = F − (G - G 2 − 4 DH )l1 Es As . 2 Dl2 . (22) (23) (24) (25) (G - G 2 − 4 DH )l1 Es As (26) . 2 Dl2 . Where D = 2 f c Ac l2 , H = − Fl2ε 02 , G = 2 f c Ac l2ε 0 + Es Asε 02 (l1 + l2 ) . Stage of compressive bars have yielded or concrete has reached ultimate compressive strain.

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