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Craddick, 196l;Gurvitz, 1950). Rote verbal learning. Although several investigators have found that psychopaths perform poorly on a serial learning task (Fairweather, 1953) and that they exhibit less retroactive inhibition than do normal persons (Sherman, 1957), other investigators (Kadlub, 1956; Schoper, 1958) could not replicate these findings. 25 A D V A N C E S IN EXPERIMENTAL CLINICAL P S Y C H O L O G Y Verbal conditioning. , Johns & Quay, 1962; Quay & Hunt, 1965) have reported that psychopathic criminals do not condition as readily as do neurotic criminals; however, their data were not very convincing.

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I. Somatic response patterning and stress: Some revisions o f activation theory. In M. H. Appley & R. ), Psychological stress: Issues in research. New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1967. Pp. 14-44. Lacey, J. I. & Lacey, B. C. The relationship of resting autonomic activity to motor impulsivity. In The brain and human behaviour (Proceedings o f the Association for Research in Neural and Mental Disease). Baltimore: William & Wilkins, 1958. Pp. 144-209. Lindner, R. Experimental studies in constitutional psychopathic inferiority.

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