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Under each cot are two lockers, each containing clothing and ld3x 1,000 gp. Each guard carries twelve gems worth 100 gp each in a belt pouch, and each is armed with throwing hammer (cf. area 3 above) and sword. A table with four stools in the center of the room has several platters and flagons on it-all worthless-along with a small tun of wine and a cheese covered with mold (inside the cheese there are forty-eight 100 gp gems; this is the repository for the wealth of “on-duty” guards). Twelve boulders are carefully lined up ready for use in the entry hall, six along either wall.

Hides cover parts of the polished black floor, and rude tapestries adorn the walls. There are several torches in the room, but none are lit. 13a. Alcove: Within the alcove is a table with a flat chest upon it. If the chest is lifted or moved, six poisoned arrows shoot from the north wall, striking at the same hit probability as a fire giant and inflicting 2d4 points of damage each. The arrows strike the south wall and shatter if they miss interposing creatures. The chest is locked and full of stones.

If any creature speaks to it in Common Tongue or in the language of red dragons it has been instructed to stand quietly but to breathe upon intruders as soon as they are within range. There is no real treasure in the cavern. 4. Cave: Four hell hounds (7 HD each, hp 41,38,35,30) keep wary guard here, giving voice if they detect any intruder. They have no treasure. 7. Treasure Trove Cave: This room is actually an extra-dimensional space, ten times larger than shown on Map Seven. Anyone entering will notice first the enormous pile of treasure that fills the dace and second the rigantic red draron sleeD- 5.

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