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By John Milor

A riveting, prophetic Bible statement, Aliens and the Antichrist: Unveiling the tip occasions Deception highlights greater than 700 scriptures that rfile the life, relevance, and importance of extraterrestrial existence. whereas uncovering the enigma of alien existence, writer John Milor finds numerous compelling evidence concerning the heritage at the back of the approaching Armageddon. Discussions include:


  • The fall of Lucifer and his angelic state that existed on the earth earlier than Adam and Eve ·
  • The rapture of the church ·
  • The upward push and fall of the Antichrist ·
  • The moment coming of Christ and the millennial reign of Christ ·
  • The Nephilim, human/angel hybrids of Genesis bankruptcy Six and their courting with the Antichrist ·
  • The nation-states of heaven and hell ·
  • The beginning of dinosaurs, Cro-Magnon guy, and Neanderthals ·
  • Civilizations on Mars and in other places within the universe ·
  • Other themes touched upon contain the lifestyles of Atlantis; ghosts; synthetic intelligence; psychic talents; astral projection; and more

The Earth is the atmosphere for the realization of an historical conflict amid numerous beings of unfathomable power—a conflict that has spanned throughout eons, galaxies, and dimensions. For these drawn to receiving the complete revelation from the Bible approximately aliens, the place they arrive from, why they arrive, and what they wish, Aliens and the Antichrist is for you.

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He said to them, Why are you frightened, and why are doubts arising in your hearts? Look at my hands and my feet, for it is I myself. Touch me and see, for a ghost doesn’t have flesh and bones as you see that I have. 28 Aliens and the Antichrist In some versions of the Bible, the word “spirit” is substituted for “ghost” in the above passage, but this substitution can be a cause for confusion, at least in the English language. All ghosts are spirits, but not all spirits are ghosts. In the passage above, Jesus defines ghosts as noncorporeal spirits who have no flesh whatsoever.

I see a valid point in this reasoning, because I’ve never heard of anyone being warned by a deceased relative to repent or burn in hell. But I still don’t think this one parable about this one person is sufficient to draw a conclusion that applies to every situation. This one parable does not definitively disprove the existence of ghosts. The simple fact remains that the Bible documents many demonic possessions, and there has to be an explanation as to how this takes place. What if, for example, a murder curses the ground and creates an atmospheric anomaly that allows specific cursed beings access into that region of space?

This indicates that God’s governmental structure flows through angelic beings working through churches. Churches on Earth, therefore, effect government both in practical and supernatural ways. Many other planets with life are most likely in a similar situation: divided into multiple dimensions, with each dimension divided into various ruling governmental structures. These higher realms, however, are very real, tangible realms, just as the Earth we live on. They are simply “phase-shifted”—existing within a different frequency, so to speak.

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