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By Chris Ryan

Target: physique Snatchers

Alpha strength are a crack crew devoted to scuffling with injustice all over the world. whereas in southern India they research of the turning out to be alternate in organ transplants from residing donors. With lives at the line and large cash to be made, the call for for organs is pressing - and there are humans ready to visit severe lengths to get them. whilst a tender woman is snatched, Alpha strength needs to use all their surveillance talents to find her - earlier than the surgeons get to paintings . . .

A taut mystery within the Alpha strength sequence, from the bestselling writer and ex-SAS hero Chris Ryan.

Includes Chris's best SAS pointers on highway surveillance.

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Their colourful shawls, one green, one blue, one pink, made easy targets. Paulo and Li instinctively drew closer together and held their breath. This was madness; it contradicted everything they knew about survival. Should they stop it now? The women began to rock backwards and forwards, chanting. The crowd joined in and soon everyone was softly singing a rhythmic, gentle Hindu song. The snake was poised above the women, only inches away from their heads. It swayed gently, its tongue flashing in and out.

Paulo seized the bag of mortar and held it to his chest like a solid pillow. The dog landed on him, squashing all the air from his lungs. He heard muffled sounds as it sank its teeth into the mortar bag. Had he been unprotected, the bite would have ripped out his throat. But he was still trapped, pinned by the weight of the dog and the heavy bag. He jerked to try to dislodge the dog, but the jaws were digging into the bag. All Paulo could do was shield as much of himself as possible. The dog dug furiously, ripping through the bag, the deadly saliva soaking into the mortar.

Humbling; Amber smiled to herself as she thought it. Brought up by billionaire parents in the USA and used to the high life, she realized that humble wasn’t a word her friends would have thought was even in her vocabulary. But life had changed Amber over the past few years: her parents had died, and then she had discovered that they were working undercover to help disadvantaged people. She had been marooned on a desert island with the four friends who stood beside her now. What they went through there – their battle to survive – had forged a bond as unbreakable as Hex’s claw-like grip on her shoulder.

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