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By Chris Ryan

Alpha strength - a bunch of 5 youngsters devoted to scuffling with opposed to injustice on the earth - are in Australia, assisting with a television truth exhibit. but if Paulo spots a deadly terrorist hiding out in a close-by city, occasions without warning strength them right into a terrifying experience because the terrorist seizes hostages and flies off into the bush. helping the Australian SAS, Alpha strength need to take motion - whether it capability flying into the midst of a frightening bushfire-

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Hex started to speak but Paulo and Alex waved at him to keep quiet. As one, Alpha Force held their breath. They watched the scene in silent tableau. The journalist spoke a few words into her microphone before holding it out to the man for his reply. The man hesitated. Paulo nodded to himself. He dared the man to reply. The man smiled at the journalist and began to speak. From inside the car, none of their conversation could be heard, but it looked quite normal and friendly. The journalist was smiling; even the man seemed to be smiling.

Her heart pounding, Amber followed the line of the barrels and saw a dark shape, low in the water. She yanked her foot hard but it remained tethered to the bottom. She was helpless - an animal in a trap. Tracey was crying, her voice hysterical. 'It's no good. ' 'It's my boot,' shrieked Amber. ' Hex saw Amber sink down again. Keeping her head above the water, she was feeling for her bootlaces. Her face was a mask of desperation as she scrabbled to undo them. Hex knew the type of boots Amber wore.

They found they were constantly thirsty in the sapping jungle heat, and so it was vital to keep up their intake of fluids. ' Hex read from the screen: '"September nineteen ninety-six: the terrorist Sancho Pirroni was today sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in Washington for the murder of a German secret agent. 'Sancho the Piranha', as he has become known, will spend the rest of his life behind bars in the maximum security wing of US Penitentiary Beaumont in Texas. The sentencing brings to an end a reign of terror that lasted for more than two decades and began with the kidnapping and murder of the UN diplomat Charles Bowler.

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