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The tradition and background of historic Egypt is gifted during this name meant for readers a long time 8-12 years outdated.

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Chores were done early in the morning before the heat became unbearable. Irrigation canals were repaired and cleared of weeds. If new canals needed to be dug, now was the time. Under the baking sun, the soil would soon become too hard to penetrate with any tools. The work done on canals and fields helped to pay the pharaoh as a type of labor tax. At the same time that Kebi’s father and brothers worked outside, Kebi and her mother would be busy inside drying grapes and dates, plus drying and salting the different types of fish the brothers had caught.

2667-2648 The first Egyptian pyramid is built, the Step Pyramid at Saqqara for King Zoser. 2575 The Great Pyramids of Egypt are built at Dahshur and Giza and revered as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 2125 Egypt sees the beginning of a breakdown of central government that lasts for about 150 years. 1975 Mentuhotep reunites Egypt. 1630 Hyksos raiders from Asia move into the Nile Delta and introduce the Egyptians to the chariot. 1550 Ahmose I expels the Hyksos from Egypt. 1539 Building of the tombs in the Valley of Kings begins; it lasts for nearly 500 years and includes more than 60 burial sites including Hatshepsut (a female), Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, Tuthmosis, and Ramses II.

5. Shape the dough in a ball. 6. Divide the dough into three equal pieces. 7. Roll each one on a floured surface until it is in a long strip. 8. Coil the strip around into a spiral. Do the same with the other two pieces. 9. Sprinkle each roll with seeds 10. Place the rolls on a greased baking tray or sheet.. 11. Dribble the rest of the honey equally over the rolls. 12. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. 13. Cool and serve. indd 41 4/26/12 4:02 PM Timeline BCE 3100 King Menes founds the first Egyptian dynasty.

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