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By Tito M. Tonietti

We carry into complete mild a few excerpts on musical matters which have been before scattered during the most renowned clinical texts. the most medical and musical cultures outdoor of Europe also are considered. the 1st and most vital estate to underline within the clinical texts tested here's the language they're written in. which means our multicultural heritage of the sciences unavoidably additionally turns into a evaluation of many of the dominant languages utilized in different old contexts. during this quantity, the heritage of the improvement of the sciences is advised because it occurred in genuine contexts, no longer in an alienated excellent world.

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63 30 8 Not Only in Latin, but also in Dutch, Chinese, Italian and German roots: the Bible. This was the setting of the famous story about the tree whose fruit Adam and Eve had been told not to eat. Otherwise, “your eyes would be opened and you would become like God, knowing Good and Evil”67 . However, this page presents something different from the current interpretation, which sustains a generic prohibition of knowledge. The rabbis who can read Hebrew, on the contrary, explain that the original word does not mean “to know”, but rather “to mix”.

Our renowned scholar from Pisa imagined taking away air resistance, and the cannon-balls dropped from the Leaning Tower came down implacably, in a uniformly accelerated movement, regardless of their mass and form. There was no experiment that could add up directly; he had to seek approximations laboriously, simulating, hypothesising, calculating and measuring. Measuring? How did he measure time? By means of the beats of his pulse! It’s just as well that he exploited the help of music. In his Sidereus nuncius [Messenger of the stars] (1610), “.

Our man from Tuscany often expressed himself in a fine, clear Italian which is comprehensible still today (except when he attacked the ineffable infinite), but Latin proved to be necessary, above all in the more technical mathematical passages and argumentations: symbolism still had to wait. In their textbooks, all the students in the world learn that in the following centuries, the point of view proposed by Galileo Galilei was to prevail. Subtracting the impediments of matter was to become the orthodox, dominant scientific approach in Europe.

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