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The function of this ebook is to€'~ 0l'l\' a brand new approach for the experimental research of the unfastened wave version sound box of acoustics. The method relies at the use of round harmonic features of perspective. Acousticians usually come upon random sound fields whose homes can be heavily modelled by means of use of the "free wave" box. This version box is outlined by way of easy statistical homes: stationarity in time, and homogeneity in area. Stationarity implies that any unmarried order statistic measured by way of a microphone within the box may be self reliant of the time at which the recording is taken, whereas homogeneity implies that the dimension can also be self reliant of the mic- phone's place within the box. additionally, moment order data got from the measurements of 2 microphones will rely merely at the time lapse among the 2 recordings, and the relative spatial separation of the micro­ telephones, and never at the microphones' absolute positions in area and time. The unfastened wave box can also (equivalently) be pictured as a set of airplane sound waves which method an statement place from all angles. those are the "free waves" of the name, with out correlation among waves at various angles and frequencies, even if there may possibly exist an angle-dependant aircraft wave density functionality. it is a degree of the density of sound strength coming back from diverse angles. The unfastened wave box has proved to be an easy yet remarkably robust model.

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89) is basic to the development of a plane wave weighting analysis method. 88) with a fixed set of harmonics and unknown coefficients. 89) gives a prediction for C at any position as a function of the unknown coefficients. The coefficients can then be determined 55 by comparing the predictions with experimental data on CCSD, and an estimate of I may be constructed. This basic procedure can be refined by introducing least-square fit methods, and by searching through different sets of harmonics to see which produces the "best" models for a given number of terms.

3). 7 Computational Applications of Strip Weightings The computational usefulness of a strip field comes from the fact that one of the derivatives of a strip weighting can be expressed exactly as a summation. 30). 38) may be used to compute C(w ,r, e) over, say, a grid of values trk,e£: k = 1, M; performed: £ = 1, N}, with only M integrations needing to be one integration over e for each fixed value of r. 7) were used to compute C over the same grid, an integration for each of the grid's M x N pOints would need to be performed.

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