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By Margaret Millar

This can be one among Margaret Millar's mysteries. A needs to learn.

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Ask for Me Tomorrow

This is often one in all Margaret Millar's mysteries. A needs to learn.

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He shrugged. ' Corbett stared at the parchment again. ' he swore. 'This outlaw does take on styles and titles! ' Corbett tossed the parchment back at Branwood. 'I want to see that bastard hang from the castle walls! ' 'It wasn't. ' Corbett looked at a huge cobweb in the corner of one of the roof beams. 'The letter proves one thing,' he declared. 'It says "by order of", so the poisoner must be in the castle. ' Corbett paused. ' 'In the cellars below, yes, a veritable warren. The castle and town are built on a huge crag.

Ranulf looked through the fug of the noisy tavern and studied the group of relic-sellers. They seemed more interested in staring back than in selling any of the trinkets from their trays which now lay stacked on the floor beside them. ' Bardolph repeated. 'Six,' Ranulf replied. His stomach churned as his hand went beneath the table, seeking reassurance from the thin, stabbing Welsh dagger stuck into his belt and the dirk at the top of his long riding boots. Once again Ranulf felt his leather sack containing a small crossbow and a sheath of bolts.

Now usually everyone stays away in these cases but this time an inquisitive relative, braver than the rest, came to pay his last respects. He hid in the shadows and, when one of the corpses was dragged out, saw the head roll to one side. ' Branwood nodded at the window. 'The night watchmen were murderers. They'd killed the entire family and plundered the house. ' Corbett walked back to the table, trying to close his mind to the repetitive thuds followed by murmurs from the small crowd of spectators.

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