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By Georg Feuerstein and Brenda Feuerstein

Eco-friendly Dharma is a clarion name to Buddhist academics and practitioners to translate the Buddhist knowledge teachings right into a doable eco-friendly way of life, which treats either the internal and outer surroundings with reverence. This booklet is must-reading for somebody trying to perform the Buddha Dharma or certainly the other non secular culture in a significant and in charge demeanour at a time of globally environmental situation ( 6th Mass Extinction ).

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This supposed recovery, however, is illusory, because new growth forests lack the vitality and resilience of old growth forests. In any case, forests are rapidly declining in developing countries, where logging is responsible for soil erosion and landslides that damage the land further and have claimed many human fatalities. China, the Philippines, Thailand, and Honduras are notable disaster areas from deforestation. In 1998 hurricane Mitch devastated Honduras, killing over 6,500 people in floods and landslides, which were facilitated by a landscape that had been stripped of all vegetation.

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Shantideva (c. ). Perhaps the most sophisticated formulation exists within the Gelugpa Order of Tibetan Buddhism, where Je Tsongkhapa brought the teaching of emptiness into sharp focus. The difficulty we tend to experience with the concept of emptiness lies with the ego-driven mind, which cannot conceive of itself as empty. The self is a reflex that announces the opposite of emptiness and dependent origination. It always wants to celebrate itself as if it were the absolute, immortal ruler, or essence, of everything.

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