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By Adrian T Smith

Within the illustration of Speech occasions in Chariton's Callirhoe and the Acts of the Apostles, Adrian T. Smith summarizes cross-linguistic study on how and why narrators range the formulae that introduce direct speech. This learn is utilized to Chariton and to Acts. The findings exhibit that narrators differ citation formulae for varied pragmatic reasons, together with the monitoring of conversational dynamics through a collection of 'marked' and 'unmarked' citation units.

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Appropriately, the initiating utterance of a paired exchange tends to be marked as salient by a more complex frame richer in metapragmatic signalling. 23 The complementizer derives from the basic speech verb ‫‘( אמר‬say’). 24 Interestingly, Miller’s modern linguistic approach affirms both kinds of Rabbinic intuition. Where the verb (V) invariably occurs with the complementizer, she reasons that we cannot assign a special significance to the use of the complementizer. Where the verb (V) occurs in one or two of the other speech frame configurations, she views the construction with the complementizer as marked—relative to both the single verb frame and the frame with two finite verbs (V + finite ‘say’).

Part 3 provides a Koine counterpart to Chariton, in a study of speech representation in the Acts of the Apostles. The analytical approaches developed in Part 2 largely inform our procedure in Part 3. There is a strong emphasis on statistical profiling of speech margin variation, in a quest for ‘marked’ (rarer) versus ‘unmarked’ (common) forms. This leads to reflection on the pragmatics of selected forms. Once again, SRVs are the focus, but our study of Acts reminds us that narrators can exploit every component of the speech margin template for pragmatic reasons.

Second, I limit the focus of my summaries by zeroing in on what the researcher suggests about form/function correlations for speech margins. This focus may or may not reflect the researcher’s own priorities in discussing reported speech. Third, I attempt to ‘add value’ to the bibliographical items (to borrow an expression from economics). The ‘added value’ comes not only via the sustained focus on the pragmatics of speech margin variation. I also attempt to enhance the clarity of the results, via devices such as frequent tabular summaries.

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