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By Johann Cook

This monograph bargains with an unexplained rfile of Hellenistic Judaism. The query of "Hellenistic effect" is addressed at the foundation of an research of a consultant variety of chapters of Septuagint Proverbs (1-2, 6, 8-9, 24, 29-31). students have argued that this booklet was once stimulated greatly through Greek philosophy. the writer follows a contextual cultural process. The Greek textual content is analyzed on 4 degrees: the semantic, syntactical, stylistic and the theological. the belief is that the impression of Stoicism in this Greek model has been overvalued long ago.

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In the text of S Tischendorf distinguished the hands of four original scribes and a host of later correctors. 93 C Paris, Bibl Nat, Gr 9, V (rescr XIII), Perg 209 folios: This is a palimpsest and the writing on jtop contains the work by Ephraim Syrus and the underlying work fragments from Job, Prov, Eccl, Cant, Sap, Sir and the NT. The Proverbs mate rial con tains only fragments. It is, unfortunately, uncertain whether Tischendorf was careful enough in his rewriting of the fragments, for in many cases they are only attested to once.

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